Poem: For given Due

For God has given me my due,

that in the womb, I had not known,

nor am I ever to be happy for,

I know the beauty that I see,

that God sees but not I in me,

and that beauty turns ugly,

when the greed of earth is born in women.

*Woe Men, who are but second classes, of inferior standing to that of Adam,

and of ribs,

so then, that beauty that I desire, and so does MAN!

Blames not them for coveting then?

For the beauty that I seek I cannot get,

and the magic that makes it so,

Indulge not I, for fear of flames of eternal fire.

*Oh then, what shall I do,

bewitch am I anyhow to my curses and sighs,

A mirror that is broken bring bad luck to the owners,

but not I, not I, for Truth is in yonder,

and no one would be Wiser, than to do the Right Thing,

I wish I was better, that cursed desire rings…

*Beauty oh  beauty, why do you choose owners so,

Lord oh Lord, why do you make imperfection so?

Self oh Self, why are you discontented then….

when you can hardly change anything?

*Then at least make my lover blind, and let him be a beauty,

Then I’ll have no need of a mirror,

for aren’t a man and woman to be one?

Then my desire shall then take life

and I’ll have no more need to ponder my hurt that grows itself fonder…



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