The prayer

Oh God,
Dear Father,
Dear good Heavenly Father,
I seek thee, I seek Thee.

Not in Man I trust but in Thee and in Thine presence
are mine fears allayed.

Oh God
Lord God
I seek Thee! Oh, I seek Thee
Like a gushing fountain into the wide aqua-blue ocean is Thine love for me.

God, my God, it is Thee that ruins me
For in Thy perfection, no one else I can see.

If I could prick my heart
And watch the blood gush forth
I’ll see the thorns and then the crown
And then the painful glass-laced whip.
I’ll see that filthy purple robe.
I’ll see the dirt and sweat stained cloak.
I’ll see the splintered wooden Cross
I’ll see my active Sins climb forth
Upon His body
Upon my beautiful Lamb of God.

I’ll see the pain on his tear streaked face.
I’ll see the grimace of his vinegared lips
His vinegared lips
His vinegared lips
I’ll see the nails
That glistening dull grey
I’ll see the hammer on the way
I’ll see the eyes that are lifted Up
I see the mumbling of the Thieves
I heard the ripping of the clothe
I’ll hear the cry, that awful shot
That goes
That Goes!
Straight to my Brain!!
A piercing spear that thrusts my Lord
I see it all in that trickling blood
The break of my skin, the wound of my heart…

Oh Soli
Soli Deo
Soli Deo GLORIA!!
Soli Deo Gloria….

Only in Thy heavens,
Those golden skies,
The glorious orange rays
That pierce the clouds,
Like how the desire pierce my heart
It makes me full,
It makes me weak,
It makes me want
Like a sheep
Like a deer
Like a child
Oh God, dear God,
In my heart
I amass
the flowering


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