What I want in a Christian boy

There’s this guy that I want. Don’t worry, he’s fictional. He was a Man of God who had the right perspective on how to treat his wife. He took responsibility to lead, read the Bible consistently, madly in love with God, sincere in all that he does, reaches out to help the weak, those who desire to grow closer to God, intensely human, yet also intensely running back to God. The man is one that holds my hand and that looks up at God with me, promising we’ll die a glorious death in full pain and torture for anything less would be less than what we could give. The man, foregoes any mortal desire but throws it back to Him, and give Him, all… even me. He prays constantly, a reaching out to know who God is, a madness, an obsession, the man who loves someone more than me.

That’s the fictional boy I want to marry. He holds my hand tight, because God had hold his tighter. He holds my hand close, because God has given him the hands to do so. He hold my hand around his, because he promised to protect me like how God protected him for in all he does, though he fall though he fall, the Father draws and keeps Him close.

I want the man who worship God so intensely, that he’ll hate me if I detract him away, and who’ll love me as intensely only as we have the same desire to worships God passionately, like dying stars intending to give one last burst to shine all the way through as they fall to their death. I want the man who is a man of God, who loves God more than me.

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