Poem: Beautiful Women

There are so many beautiful women,

and so little men in the world,

who would look at these beautiful women,

and not give their hearts a big twirl.

So many pretty women, dancing under the sun,

So many sweet young ladies, so many radiant smiles.

So many humble young women, with thick bounteous hair,

So many smooth tan women, with supple bodies, so fit and fair.

So many hearts for the Lord, so many hands at work,

So many beautiful girls, whose eyes you’ll find men lurk.

So many whose voices are rich and fine, whose eyes are wide and face so small,

whose white hands you’ll hold and never let go,

Swimmingly fine, they giggle and laugh,

Swimmingly high, they praise and worship,

Beautiful girls, with sad stories to tell,

Fair weak gendered, so winsome and non-vapid.

Pretty, pretty, Pretty fair grls.

Pretty fair girls, whose tears you’ll repel.

Lonesome, ecstatic, oh so attractive,

small and petite, oh so reactive.

All the beautiful Christian Girls out there,

They boat and sing, gossamer in the air,

Bright lights, so cheerful, even Nature bows her head,

To frame the small creature, that creature with a beautiful fate.

You see, the beautiful winsome Lord’s girl,

So wonderful, so perfect, so imperfect,

That girl, she’s everywhere, and with her there,

I am merely, but a creation,

a pot, a shoddy pot crudely used,

A thing who should remain unseen,

An invisible filthy rag in the air,

Dust! Dust!

“Hello my dear… dear…Lady? Can… you not see?

You need to move away from me…Can you not see?

I’m trying to catch a star for my fair maid over there!

I’m oh so blessed, she’s a fine fine Christian, she’s beautiful, and cheerful, and pretty and nice,
She’s winsome, and small, and doesn’t eat rice,

She’s petite, and she’s lovely, and she makes me so happy,

So can you please, please move over there?
You’re blocking her way, you’re not easy to stare…at?”

So many beautiful women who deserves all the Love,

So many beautiful women, chosen ones from God above,

So many women, with a beautiful fate.

So many beautiful women.

So many godly lovely women.

But I’m just a woman from earth.

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