Questions to ponder

I’m sorry for the lack of update. But as usual, this WordPress does not truly fulfill the reason and purpose for it’s creation in the first place.

So there are a few things that I’ll attempt to do due to what God has led me through
1) as always, I have the greatest inclination to draw short Christian comics people can share online
2) I’ve somehow found myself stuck in a relationship and for those who have read my posts on singleness, I have plans for a series of posts from the other side

And before I leave, here are some questions I’ve been pondering about
1) what exactly is sacrifice to me and how do I view deprivation?
2) What do I truly understand about the cost of discipleship and is it really up to me to create boundaries of that cost sub-consciously?

Looking forward to the new direction this blog would be heading to in the future!

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