The Tragedy of Insecurity (Poem)

One of the greatest tragedies is insecurity.

It’s pitiful. It does not deserve pity.

for it desires to be all about me.


That is the tragedy of insecurity.


It feeds.

It feeds from other people.

only due to the hunger from that thing within.

It is horrible because it grows.

And then all of a sudden, it slumbers.

Giving hope of a future no longer afflicted.

I’m normal and need no longer hurt! 


the thought then comes, as to be expected and i’m murdered again.

How many time can I deliberate if it’s self inflicted or inflicted by one who now loves me more than the past?


The Hurt is more real than the present. Love fleets faster than the simpering Pain of the broken heart.


Insecurity. Indeed. You are a Tragedy


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