Poem: Probable Christian

I’m a probable Christian

All the days of my life

I’m a probable Christian

Because I lack the conviction for Christ


A probable Christian is one who gives everything 

Without understanding nor much meaning

A gift given for the sake of it


I’m a probable Christian 

and this is my excuse

to be sub par

and mediocre

to be those famous Chocolate Christians


I’m a Probable Christian

But my probability is marred

by the certainty of His everlasting Love

that extends to all

That is FREELY given


I’m a probable Christian.

You may see me lie and cheat

murder and scream

drag a few lines into

my sweet youthful skin.


I’m a probable Christian

I’m an Unclean

But I hope you can see me

As washed with blood to be

more than what I originally am

I’m a Christian 

I say

with much certainty

I’m a Christian, far be it that I stop ever to be.

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